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SAVANDURGA TREK a memorable Christmas adventure on 25-Dec-2015

After I moved from PUNE to Bangalore I was alone in the new city to get company for trekking. I was looking for perfect to kick start my trekking journey again in Bangalore.

I heard about BTC from friends in office, and decided to start with any trek to that I can be part of a trekking enthusiastic people’s group on a perfect day.

And that day came on 25-Dec-2015, it is Christmas of 2015.

Team Up:

If you are part of BTC’s google group, Organizer’s at BTC keeps sending you email about trekking events planned in advanced you can register for any trek and can be a part any trek.

As I was part of BTC group I received notification about a trekking event planned, and I opted to join this trek.

We were 10 people in the group, and meeting point was decided to be Majestic Bus stand. We all met there 7.00AM in the morning.


As trek was planned by BTC organizer’s they have arranged TT to save time and make journey convenient. One more reason to book private vehicle for group trek is you can use your time and energy to play some nice games in side vehicle instead of wasting you time in arranging transport for everyone.

We played housie and dumb charades. Theme for dumb charades was to explain your name that was pretty challenging because some of the people was knowing you name already but they were not ready to spare you so easily.

We also enjoyed housie, I never won any house game but on this day I was the winner of housie and got some gifts also J

Gift I won was TWO fresh green cucumber, as a side not.

Housie winner


SAVANDURGA is located 65KM away from Bangalore off MAGADI road, and it is considered among the largest monolith hills in Asia. To reach SAVANDURGA convenient transportation is your own CAR or bike. If you are more adventurous you can take bus from Bangalore majestic to MAGADI. Form there again you can do AUTO or help of local people you can find vehicle to read up to SEVANDURGA.

It is very easy also to search on google map, as it is very famous trekking destination in weekends you can reach to base easily without much difficulties.

Trekking trails:

Before reaching to SAVANDURGA we took breakfast at MAGADI and, took parcel for lunch at SEVANDURGA.

We reached at SAVANDURGA base around 9.00AM. And everybody was very excited to start trekking as started for trek immediately.

Few minutes of trekking we soon realized that there are multiple trails to trek SAVANDURGA. One which goes along with electricity polls seems easy and feasible for normal trekkers.

There are some very hard to climb trails you can trail them also if you have full control of yourself and not afraid of looking back. But batter to choose moderate trails instead of choosing very hard and taking uncalculated risk.

Initially we started of little hard trail, but soon we agreed upon to take moderate trail to climb.

Trekking fun:

Around 12.00PM we reached half of the trek, and it was cold air blowing there is under hot sunlight. We took rest there for some time, there are some water bodies on that way you stop there for a while and move ahead.

We reached at top 10 the hill around 1.00PM, even though it was noon time climate was like chilled morning you can see river from top of that hill and feel cold air blowing. We all slept there and took rest there for some time.


To make this Christmas memorable organizers have arranged Cake, we never thought to celebrate Christmas at top of the hill but thanks to organizers to making this trek little more celebration.

Even in the bus also we had SANTA cap and it was full climate of Christmas celebration. And we celebrated it on SAVANDURGA.

After cutting cake, all photo enthusiastic people indulged in taking and giving photos/pose, and after that some group photos.

Apart from scenery there is nothing much to see at top of the hill. There is a small NANDI temple you can see and take some photos.

At 2.00PM we took breakfast and then played some games again. Around 3.00PM we started back to climb down.
Christmas cake

On the ways back:

Climbing back is very easy and fast make sure you follow same trail you climb up. Though there will be many people climbing at evening time, it will not be a difficult job to trek back.

There are two temples are the base you can visit them if some time is there. Around 4.3PM we were at base. We took some refreshment at base and started back to Bangalore. On the way to Bangalore we stopped at some place for tea, and concluded our journey at same place we have started. In front of majestic bus stand.

Overall trek was very memorable and organization of the trek by BTC was very good. As there peoples are very experienced they are very supportive. To what is feel it is was very smooth trek with BTC team.

Thank you BTC for organization this type of treks. BTC rocks!!

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